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Valasranta Dance Camp (VTL)

The biggest and greatest social dance camp in Finland!
10 days of non-stop dancing!

VTL offers courses in several levels

  • vihreä Green | Beginners
  • vihreä plus Green plus | Beginners plus
  • Vihreä / sininen Green/Blue | Beginners-Intermediate
  • Sininen Blue | Intermediate
  • Sininen / punainen Blue/Red | Intermediate-Advanced
  • Sininen / punainen Red | Advanced
  • Musta Black | Advanced/hard (requires level-check).

Check the schedule for times, places and levels. It's in Finnish but dances are almosty the same in English.

Teaching is mostly in Finnish

Most teachers and co-dancers speak English. So, if you ask, they can explain the most important things in English to you.

Johanna Sallinen and Omar Bakr teach Bachata and Kizomba in English Fri 20th July.

West Coast Swing courses by Rake Salo & Daria Komkina and Ibirocay Regueira & Matilda Tuomela are also in English Wed 25th and Thu 26th July.

New dance skills and acquaintances in a unique atmosphere

Learn how to dance surrounded by the beautiful Finnish nature and countryside. Valasranta dancing arena is situated by a lake and is certainly one of the most spectacular dancing places in Finland.

The VTL dance teachers are the best in Finland. They are professionals, energetic and with a great sense of humor!

Legendary dance events and parties are held every night at Valasranta during the dance camp.

You don't need a partner to attend the dance camp

Come alone, with a partner or with your friends. During teaching you exchange partner regularly – you’ll learn more quickly and get to know your fellow dancers.

You may register in advance but this isn’t obligatory

Come when you choose and stay as long as you want. You can dance with us a couple of hours, a few days or the whole ten days marathon. Easy and flexible!

Buy your Dancing Pass in advance from our online shop (site is in Finnish). You can also register at the VTL camp info in every course location when you arrive.


VTL organizes accommodation at the local school (the same place where Advanced levels are held). The rooms are classrooms so bring your own mattress, bedlinen and towel. The accommodation is equipped with showers, fridge, microwave, coffee machine, electric kettle and ironing opportunity. Bring your own coffee cup and other dishes you need.

We warmly recommend the school accommodation. It’s great fun, near all the dance arenas, you get know other dancers easily! Also, if you don’t have a car fellow dancers are known to carpool!

If you attend the whole camp you can buy your school accommodation online (site is in Finnish). You can also register for school accommodation at the camp info. There is room for everybody, don't worry.

Kallionokka (where some of the courses are held) has also a camping and caravan area. You can set up a tent or park your trailer there.  Furthermore, there are many idyllic resorts and cottages near VTL.

Kallionokka website (in Finnish)
+358 400 526 055


Remember to eat and drink well! It ensures your need of energy for the whole week.

Breakfast bufe is served at the school every morning from 8.00 to 10.00. Lunchbreak is held every day from 12.30 to 14.00 at Valasranta and at the school. Dinner is served at Valasranta from 18.00 to 19.30 and at the school from 18.00 to 20.00.
Please check the café and food page for exceptions and prices (in Finnish).

The food is always lactose free and gluten free. Vegetarian meals needs to be ordered two hours in advance.

Sauna and showers

All dancers are welcome to Valasranta’s traditional Finnish sauna. The sauna is located by the picturesque lake and taking a dip is a refreshing experience after a hard day of dance. There is also a lovely public beach right beside the Valasranta dancing arena.

There are showers and dressing rooms at Valasranta and the school.

In Kallionnokka there are no showers or dressing rooms for dancers. However, there's a beach which you may enjoy.


Remember to maintain proper hydration and salt intake. Even summer days in Finland can be hot and dancing isn't a easy exercise.

Do you have a travelling insurance? The organizer hasn't insured the dancers.

Payment in cash (there is an ATM in the Yläne city centre), Visa or Mastercard.

Getting there

If you don’t have a car you can come to Yläne by bus from Pori and Turku. You should get off at Yläne Crossroad (Yläne tienhaara) or Road (tie) 204 Yläne. See timetables (in English).

Address: Valasrannantie 363, 21900 YLÄNE

School (Koulukeskus)
Address:  Koulutie 14, 21900 YLÄNE

Address: Kallionokantie 131, 21900 YLÄNE

Address: Haverintie 28, 21900 YLÄNE

Further information
045 151 4830


Valasrannan Tanssileiri

Valasrannan Tanssileiri

Valasrannan Tanssileiri¨Valasrannan Tanssileiri

Valasrannan Tanssileiri

Valasrannan Tanssileiri

Valasrannan Tanssileiri

Valasrannan Tanssileiri

Valasrannan Tanssileiri


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